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Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd a direct selling company started its operation in the year 2004 offering quality health and personal care products.
Right the company has over 2000 online and offline sales outlets with 650 offices spread across India.
Vestige offers a wide range of products from health supplements to air purifier to personal care. You can download the product catalogue from here.
First you register as a Vestige Distributor and start promoting their products to people.
You earn money by not only selling products to others but also in the form of leadership bonuses, pool income and on the performance of your downline.
The Vestige business plan offers
10% – 20% Savings on Consumption
5% – 20% as Accumulative Performance Bonus
14% as a Director Bonus
15% as a Leadership Overriding Bonus
So start using their product and earn by sharing products to others.
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