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Prospecting and Selling in Multi Level Marketing Process

Prospecting and Selling in Multi Level Marketing Process:

One of the best things about network marketing or multilevel marketing is that there are no entry barriers for you to join the network and start the sales business. Age, their qualifications or background are not listed in the MLM schemes. Therefore, if one is a qualified sales and marketing person or not, it really does not matter. But the important thing is that you must have an attitude to meet people, build relationships and learn to communicate with people without prejudice.

Once you register with the Company and become a distributor, the Company will provide you with detailed training on how to plan, search and sell the products, as well as recruit distributors for your network, as well as product information, etc. In addition to training by the Company and its sponsoring distributor, you will also be provided with a lot of marketing information, brochures, brochures and other advertising materials along with the starter kit. In addition, you will receive a large number of books, videos and audio tapes designed to take you through the online sales process and to train and guide you through it.


As part of the presale process, you would have prepared a list of prospects from your contact list and rated the prospects according to your understanding. Therefore, it will preselect the perspectives and plan to address them. Once you have the list of prospects at hand, your next step is to invite them and explain the concept of the MLM network and start the business. You have been provided with the starter kit, as well as marketing materials that include audiovisuals and brochures, as well as other printed materials to help you with the sales process. Using all these tools and the training you have received, you will first present the concept to your prospects and have them identify their needs, look at the MLM network as a solution to help them reach their goals and needs through additional income and continue explaining the process. of how to join the network, sell products and recruit more distributors to join the network and earn additional income.

In order to explain the concept to people you have to prepare a lot. First, you must prepare the right environment and environment to ensure that the perspectives are relaxed, comfortable and in the right mood to listen to it. There are several ways in which you can choose to invite and meet with people and make your presentation about the MLM proposal.

Face to face meetings

From your list of prospects, you can choose the people you know personally and are likely to prefer to meet one by one and choose to have a face-to-face meeting with them at the place they choose. Depending on the circumstances and the type of person, you can choose to explain the business proposal briefly or in detail. In this situation, the approach and communication play an important role in which you will need to identify your need, get you to understand your business proposal, get the prospect to see that your business proposal can help meet your need and get your presentation interested of business

Visit at home

If you are calling friends or couples who have expressed the need or desire to know your business proposal or if you are calling couples to present this proposal, you may want to make a home visit during the weekend or in the afternoon , when he is likely to be free at home, so that they are not far from the family.

Presenting your commercial proposal and making a commercial presentation can be easier when you do it in the house of potential clients, since it is likely that you are quite relaxed and, in addition, the spouse and other family members are also interested in listen to it and, therefore, foster the prospect of assuming the commercial proposal.

Common or open house meeting

When you meet with members of your club or association or meet with several employees in an office or with your colleagues, etc., you can choose to have an open meeting in a common place in the office where all interested parties can attend and listen to your presentation Essentially, the presentation and the tools will be the same, but you will make a presentation for the whole team at once and not individually. The audience will definitely ask questions about how things work and what is there for them. Those who are convinced and who think it helps them or who can do this will explore the opportunity with you. Those people can always be contacted later for an individual meeting.

Perspective of invitation to a business conference
Occasionally, you may have a dealer conference or a sales conference held in your city, in which case

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