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Pre Sales Process in Multi Level Marketing

Pre Sales Process in Multi Level Marketing:

We are living in exciting times. For each and every one, there are abundant opportunities to earn a decent income and achieve economic well-being, provided that one is ready to work hard and work intelligently. For people who are interested in obtaining a second income or are interested in making the sale a career, Multi Level Marketing offers unlimited opportunities.

To succeed in network marketing, you must be a born leader or a seller. Network marketing is based on building networks and relationships with people and selling through them. Selling through network marketing is something that can be trained and this will be done by the company with which you choose to partner as a distributor.

When you talk to people about network marketing, you are very likely to get a very good review or a bad review from someone who has not succeeded. If a person has not been successful in MLM, it may not be due to any failure of the scheme or product, but mainly to an inconsistency of focus, lack of interest or lack of adequate base work and many other subjective factors. The fact that MLM works has been proven and there are many who have made millions with network marketing or the sale of pyramids.

If you have decided to take MLM and want to make sure you succeed, it is important that you invest the right kind of focus, energy and effort in the sales process. The sales process consists mainly of identifying the right kind of people who would be interested and could join the MLM network and recruit them as distributors, as well as help them build similar networks.

Your sales process does not start by talking with anyone about the concept of MLM. There is a method and task to follow to first identify the right kind of people, as well as to build the right approach that is most appropriate for each person. Remember at all times that you are spending your time and energy building a relationship and, therefore, you should aim to get a positive result from your prospecting activity. If you find that the people you are approaching are not interested, then you should ask yourself if you are approaching the right people. The first step in the creation of MLM networks begins with the identification and qualification of the right people for your network.

Identification or listing of prospects

Your first task step begins with having to create a list of prospects to get started. At this stage, you should remember that you are not an established network professional that can reach a large number of people and at the stage you are in, you are the most suitable to approach people you know. Therefore, it works best to make a list of the people you know and know. Of course, the list would include all the people in your family, your extended family and your friends, as well as the social circle. In addition to this list, you can also list the people who provide services or with whom you are engaged in your professional capacity. This list may include your doctor, plumber, electrician, gardener or all other people involved in your life, as well as members of your community. Your professional contacts may include your colleagues, associates, customers, suppliers and members of your association, etc.

Perspective List Rating

It would be quite easy for you to spend a few hours listing your contacts. However, this does not mean that everyone on your list qualifies to be good prospects. Now you should filter the names of people you think would be good prospects. At this juncture, you should evaluate them from your understanding and see if they have any need or reason that makes them take MLM and join the network. Each and every one undertakes a new activity or project only when it meets any of their needs.

Need for additional income

Many people who have a salary and a family of growing children are likely to need additional income to meet their needs. These people would be the right prospects who would be ready to take additional jobs or business opportunities to obtain additional income.

Occupation or professional stagnation

From the list of people, you can list the prospects that may not have a stable job or be stuck in their careers and jobs. By presenting the MLM network to these people, it will give them the opportunity to do something entrepreneurial and achieve results.

Socializing need

In addition to those who need additional income and those who are not happy with their careers, there will be another category of people who do not need any income but who are looking for an exciting social life and have a gift to establish contacts with people and build relationships. For those couples, network marketing can complement their room sets

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